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About 40 Years Music
Launnie started playing guitar at age 14 (many years ago!).  He soon started playing in bands throughout high school and into college.  He moved to San Luis Obispo to enroll at Cal Poly and soon helped form "The Geeks", which later was renamed "The Live Band".  Based in San Luis Obispo, the band toured the California Coast from LA to the Bay area.  During this time Launnie honed his skills as a songwriter, with the band performing many of his tunes.  Later, Launnie played with other groups including "Tink and the Babylonians" and some groups in Hawaii.  Later he formed a duo with former "Geeks" bandmate Bruce Corelitz and adopted the name "40 Years" commemorating 40 years since they started playing together.  Launnie has been playing bass in the Gospel band at "House of Prayer" for many years and performs mostly solo lately as a 

Launnie's guitar playing started with "Surf Guitar" and Rock 'n Roll, then branched to Blues, Jazz, Hawaiian, Country, and Folk.  Although most of his recent writing is in the Country/Americana genre, you can hear the other influences.

Launnie has long had a passion for songwriting and continues to hone his writing skills. He won the NEW TIMES MUSIC AWARDS 2011 SONGWRITER OF THE YEAR, he has been a finalist in several national and international song contests, including recently the Great American Songwriting Contest, he has won best song at SONGWRITERS AT PLAY, and has several publishing deals in Nashville and internationally.
​Nashville Songwriter's Association also listed Launnie as one of the songwriter's to watch.
Launnie Ginn
Morro Bay Sunset
Launnie's music is fun, original and it rocks!